The ATP Vehicle Maintenance Logbook

Great news, guys! In case you didn’t catch it on the Vehicle PMCS episode, Rich and I just put together a logbook to help you with your vehicle preventative maintenance checks and services: the ATP Vehicle Maintenance Logbook! The ATP Vehicle Maintenance Logbook helps you in several ways. First, having a checklist provides motivation for you to get out and conduct vehicle PMCS. Second, it guides your preventative maintenance checks and services by listing the things you should check and keep an eye one. Third, the ATP Vehicle Maintenance Logbook helps you maintain a record of everything that has been done to your vehicle; this can help you when seeking corrective maintenance, in identifying little problems before they become big problems, and with resale of the vehicle. The ATP Vehicle Maintenance Logbook is available at

ATP Vehicle Maintenance Log.png

This logbook is extremely easy to use. Fill in the first section with your vehicle’s information and specs. Then just go through the weekly PMCS logs. I did it this Saturday, using the book, on two cars. It only took about 7 minutes per vehicle, but you will need someone to help you. Here’s what my logbook looked like afterward:

ATP Vehicle Maintenance Logbook 1.png

One other thing we designed into this book: it takes up hardly an space. At less than 1/4” thick, this thin volume will fit into even the most crowded glove box.

ATP Vehicle Maintenance Logbook 2.png

We are really proud of the Vehicle Maintenance Logbook, and it directly helps us support the show. Pick up a copy for yourself, your spouse, and the other special people in your life. We appreciate it!

Justin & Rich

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Justin Carroll