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The Kifaru Woobie: A Poncho Liner Redefined

I loved my USGI poncho liner. Most soldiers and Marines develop an affinity for this inexpensive piece of kit, and mine was perhaps stronger than most. I brought a poncho liner with me to the military, an old German-camo model that I bought at a gun show at 16 years old. I carried that thing in my rucksack and slept under it all over the world, from the Philippines to Iraq, from a ship in the middle of the ocean to the Hindu Kush. It wasn't without its shortcomings, however.

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The Nite Ize Steelie Phone Mount

Since we're talking about vehicles and mobility this week, I decided to review one of my absolute favorite vehicle accessories: the Nite Ize Steelie phone mount. If I'm driving you can guarantee my phone is in use. If it's not navigating it's definitely playing music or an awesome podcast like Across the Peak (just kidding - I do listen to other stuff, too!). For years I've done without a mount for my phone because I didn't think I needed one. Until my red-hot, smoking girlfriend bought me a Steelie that is...

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