E008 - How to Train a Dog

This week Rich and Justin talk about the making of a well trained dog!

Note from Justin: This was a fun episode to record! We recommend a ton of books during this show, but I will want to hit especially hard on four of them. If you read and internalize these four books you will be far better equipped to embark upon the journey of training a dog.

Intro stuff

The Importance of a Well-Trained Dog

  • Less stress for dog and owner
  • A happier dog and owner
  • More freedom for the dog
  • The dog's safety
  • The safety of others (people and dogs) the dog comes into contact with
  • Courtesy to other people

Choosing a Dog Breed

  • Smarter dogs are easier to train, learn faster, and respond more quickly to commands
  • The Intelligence of Dogs by Stanley Coren
  • Selecting a dog with high play drive

Rich's Dogs: Irish Wolfhounds

How to Train a Dog 2.png

Justin's Dog: German Shepherd Dog

How to Train a Dog 2.png

Building a Relationship With Your Dog

Book Recommendation: Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz

How to Train A Dog 4.png

Training Your Dog

  • Build a Training Plan
    • Decide what you want the dog to do
    • Decide what you don't want the dog to do
  • Standardize commands
  • Punishment and negative reinforcement
  • Rewards: food rewards vs. play rewards
  • Rewarding with play
  • Rewarding with positive reinforcement
  • Crate training
    • Consistency in commands you dog
    • Situationally consistent
    • Consistency in enforcement
    • Consistent across all handlers (you, spouse, children, dog-sitter, etc.)
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Justin Carroll