Justin EDC Bag Part III: Remove Before Flight Bag

This is part III of my series on his every day carry bag. Part I of this series covers the purpose of my EDC bag and the backpack itself. Part II covers the food and water I keep in the bag. This part will cover my “Remove Before Flight” module.


Remove Before Flight Bag

I have had a number of “EDC” bags, and “break glass in case of emergency” bags. Rarely have the two merged into a single bag for me. At least one of the factors preventing this was fear of forgetting a knife, ammo, or other contraband before attempting to board a flight. The Remove Before Flight concept is one that I came up with to give me a good degree of assurance this won’t happen. (at least I think I did).

The bag itself is a Think Tank Cable Management 20. This bag is suitable to my purpose for two reasons. First and most obviously, it is the correct size and shape. I want a flat bag for my RBF module so that it will fit flat into an interior pocket of my bag. The size is appropriate for the gear I store in this bag, but this may vary for you. The second feature is less obvious, but more important. The bag is fully zippered. This means that all my “contraband” items are enclosed. When I remove the bag there is no worry that an item has escaped the RBF bag and into my backpack.

I chose to equip this bag with a red, cloth “Remove Before Flight” tag. This allows me to quickly glance into my backpack and check to see if the RBF module is present or not. It also allows me to find it and remove it very quickly before flying. So what do I keep in this bag?

Remove Before Flight Bag 12.png

Remove Before Flight Bag Contents

I don’t keep a ton of stuff in this bag - just the things I think I might need and that are not authorized in some places. Here’s what I’ve got currently:

Knife: Sypderco Tenacious. It is a very good knife, but one that is not so expensive that loss would kill me.

Fire Starter: Spark-Lite from Four Seasons Survival. Mine is an aluminum model with replaceable flint. This exact model is no longer available, but a brass model is.

Fire Starter: REI Storm Proof Matches. We’ve tested these matches, and you can dunk them in water while burning and it still won’t put them out. I always like a quick, easy firestarter versus a more difficult (but more resilient) option.


Multi Tool: Gerber MP400 with Accessory Tools. I love having a multi-tool at hand, and I love the added capability of the accessory tool kit.

Ammunition: 3 magazines of Federal HST 9mm 124-grain +P.


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Justin Carroll