Justin's EDC Bag II: Food and Water

This is part II of my seris on his every day carry bag. Part I of this series covers the purpose of my EDC bag and the backpack itself. This part will cover food and water.


Water is one of those necessities that we cannot live for very long without - we simply must have it. Unfortunately water is heavy and bulky, and we can’t carry all that much. But we can carry some. I choose to keep 1/2 a gallon on me at all times. This amount might not get me very far depending on a number of factors, including the climate I find myself in, my level of physical exertion, and the state I’m in when an emergency occurs.

I like to keep my water in 32-ounce stainless steel containers from Self-Reliance Outfitters. There are a ton of benefits to deviating slightly in my choice of water bottles. These include:

  • Wide mouth, letting me fill the bottles from even shallow sources,

  • Mouth that fits many common water filtration systems,

  • Single-walled construction, allowing me to use these bottles to boil water,

  • and 32-ounce size that works with the most water purification tablets on the market.


I also have the ability to procure more water. I like the Katadyn Micropur MP1 water purification tablets. They are chlorine-based (rather than iodine) so they don’t leave a funky taste in the water. They are stored flat, and are extremely compact and lightweight. I also carry a bandana in my EDC pack; among other uses a bandana can be used to filter larger, particulate matter out of suspect water sources like dirty streams and mud puddles.



Ky and I have wholeheartedly adopted the “snack pack” mentality: a small package of snack food that we can actually eat on a daily basis, but that gets replenished whenever something is eaten. Personally, I believe this is a better option than carrying around dedicated “survival” food. Sure, the day the “shit hits the fan” might be the day I’ve eaten a lot of stuff out of my snack pack…but it’s not very likely.

Having things you like ensures that if you skip lunch you aren’t screwed. It also ensures that you are rotating your stuff out on a regular basis. Though the exact contents of my “snack pack” will vary, some common items are:

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky (you can really get a good price on the small, 1.25-ounce packs on Amazon)

PayDay bars

Almonds, Peanuts, and Cashews

Stay tuned for the next post on my EDC bag, which will cover my “Remove Before Flight” module!

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Justin Carroll